Jesus Help Me To Stand Song Lyrics and Chords

Alison Krauss


Jesus Help Me To Stand Song Lyrics and Chords by Alison Krauss


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]Jesus Help Me To Stand
Recorded by Alison Krauss
Written by Ron Block
[3/4 time]

[C]Through trials [F]troubles and [C]care
I know that Jesus my [F]Savior is [C]there
Giving me faith through [F]darkest [C]days
[F]Keeping me [C]on the [G7]narrow [C]way
[F]Jesus [C]Savior [F]help me each [C]day
Fill me with [G7]hope fill me with [C]faith
Darkness retreats at the [F]touch of Your [C]hand
[F]Jesus [C]Savior [G7]help me to [C]stand
Jesus lived through [F]darkest [C]pain
Rejected by men de[F]spising the [C]shame
Man of sorrows [F]acquainted with [C]grief
[F]He gave his [C]life so [G7]we may be [C]free
Repeat #2
I know that Jesus [F]died for [C]me
Canceled my [F]debt at Calva[C]ry
Rose from the dead un[F]locked Heaven’s [C]door
[F]Trust in His [C]love and [G7]live ever[C]more[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song Jesus Help Me To Stand?
– The song Jesus Help Me To Stand was sang by Alison Krauss.


Who is Alison Krauss?
– Alison Maria Krauss (born July 23, 1971) is an American bluegrass-country singer and musician. She entered the music industry at an early age, winning local contests by the age of 10 and recording for the first time at 14. She signed with Rounder Records in 1985 and released her first solo album in 1987. She was invited to join the band with which she still performs, Alison Krauss and Union Station, and later released her first album with them as a group in 1989.She has released fourteen albums, appeared on numerous soundtracks, and she sparked a renewed interest in bluegrass music in the United States. Her soundtrack performances have led to further popularity, including the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack, and the Cold Mountain soundtrack, which led to her performance at the 2004 Academy Awards.
As of 2019, she has won 27 Grammy Awards from 42 nominations, ranking her fourth behind Beyoncé, Quincy Jones and classical conductor Georg Solti for most Grammy Award wins overall. Krauss was the most awarded singer and the most awarded female artist in Grammy history until Beyoncé won her 28th Grammy in 2021. When Krauss won her first Grammy in 1991, she was the second-youngest winner, and is currently tied as the ninth-youngest.
On November 21, 2019, she was awarded the National Medal of Arts.

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