No Deposit No Return Song Lyrics and Chords

Billy Crash Craddock


No Deposit No Return Song Lyrics and Chords by Billy Crash Craddock


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]No Deposit No Return
Recorded by Billy Crash Craddock
Written by John Adrian
[C]Gypsy woman [F]bring your crystal ball and sit with [C]me awhile
Seems like lately [F]I’ve misplaced my young and [C]carefree smile
[Em]Her name was [F]Annabelle and [G7]I still taste her
Like cotton candy that the [C]circus sells [Em]
She wanted [F]all of me [G7]I only gave part of
Second guessing all the [C]Gods of love
I ran [Am]away should I have [G7]stayed [F]instead [G7]
The Gypsy smiled and [C]said [G7]
There ain’t no [C]sunshine [F]if there ain’t no [C]rain[F]
There ain’t no [C]pleasure [F]if there ain’t no [C]pain [F]
And that’s a [C]lesson we all must [F]learn
No [C]deposit [G7]no re[C]turn
Tell me old man [F]just like me you seem to be the [C]driftin’ kind
Is the answer [F]waiting at the bottom of this [C]glass of wine
[Em]Her name was [F]Annabelle and [G7]all the ways she loved me
Are still too warm inside my memory to [C]tell [Em]
She was my [F]time and place and [G7]every dream I have
Is nothing but a frame around her [C]lovely face
Too late I [Am]see should I have [G7]stayed in[F]stead
[G7]The old man smiled and [C]said
repeat #3[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song No Deposit No Return?
– The song No Deposit No Return was sang by Billy Crash Craddock.


Who is Billy Crash Craddock?
– Billy Wayne “Crash” Craddock (born June 16, 1939) is an American country and rockabilly singer. He first gained popularity in Australia in the 1950s with a string of rockabilly hits, including the Australian number one hit’s “Boom Boom Baby” and “One Last Kiss” in 1960 and 1961 respectively. Switching to country music, he gained popularity in United States in the 1970s with a string of top ten country hits, several of which were number one hits, including “Rub It In”, “Broken Down in Tiny Pieces”, and “Ruby Baby”. Craddock is known to his fans as “The King Of Country Rock Music” and “Mr. Country Rock” for his uptempo rock-influenced style of country music.

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