Jeannie’s Last Kiss Song Lyrics and Chords

Bobby Bare


Jeannie’s Last Kiss Song Lyrics and Chords by Bobby Bare


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]Jeannie’s Last Kiss
Recorded by Bobby Bare
Written by Bobby Bare and Charlie Williams
[F](Come give Jeannie one last [C]kiss)
The moon hid its light and the [G7]midnight was still
And they had their last quarrel on [F]top of the [C]hill
And she said to him please as they [G7]stood in the mist
If we must part this way come give [F]Jeannie one last [C]kiss
But in anger he turned with no [G7]kiss and no care
There she stood on the cliff with the [F]wind in her [C]hair
The next mornin’ they learned that his [G7]Jeannie was dead
Girl climbin’ and slipped all the [F]newspapers [C]said
Then [G7]night after night when the moon hides its light
The [F]wind’s in the [C]mist
Seem to [G7]cry out his name and call him again
Come give [F]Jeannie one last [C]kiss
Years have gone by and they [G7]talk of him still
And the voice that was callin’ from the [F]top of the [C]hill
And they tell of the night that he [G7]ran from his door
How he ran toward the cliff then was [F]heard from no [C]more
Now [G7]night after night when the moon hides its light
And the [F]wind’s in the [C]mist
All the [G7]old people swear that he’s out there somewhere
To give [F]Jeannie one last [C]kiss
Come give [F]Jeannie one last [C]kiss[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song Jeannie’s Last Kiss?
– The song Jeannie’s Last Kiss was sang by Bobby Bare.


Who is Bobby Bare?
– Robert Joseph Bare Sr. (born April 7, 1935) is an American country music singer and songwriter, best known for the songs “Marie Laveau”, “Detroit City” and “500 Miles Away from Home”. He is the father of Bobby Bare Jr., also a musician.

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