Country Music Nightmare Song Lyrics and Chords


Country Music Nightmare Song Lyrics and Chords by Boxcar Willie


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]Country Music Nightmare
Written by and recorded by Boxcar Willie

[C]It was a [F]country music nightmare the [C]worst I’d ever seen
And every country music star appeared in my [G7]dreams
There was the [C]late great near great [F]some in the hall of fame
The [C]county music nightmare that [G7]drove me [C]insane

There was [F]Ernest Arnold Eddy Tubbs I [C]knew that wasn’t right
Red Reeves and Jim Foley gave me quite a [G7]fright
Well [C]Buck Cash and Johnny were [F]next upon the scene
[C]Jimmy Nelson sang a song [G7]along with Willie [C]Dean

There was [F]George Haggard Merle Jones I [C]thought I’d surly die
Well Waylon William Hank Jennings made me wanna [G7]cry
[C]Charlie Young and Faron Pride they [F]tried to steal the show
[C]Hank Miller sang a song [G7]wrote by Roger [C]Snow

Repeat #1

There was [F]Dolly Jackson Wanda Parton [C]just to name a few
Loretta Gail and Crystal Lynn well they were all there [G7]too
[C]Connie Wells and Kitty Smith it [F]was a sight to see
[C]Brenda Pearl told funny jokes [G7]along with Minnie [C]Lee

There was Roy Williams Don Clark Jimmy Gilley
[G7]Mickey [C]Dickey Conway Tillis Mel [G7]Twitty [C]Donna Smith
Margo Fargo Margo Fargo [G7]Merle [C]Atkins Chet Travis

Boxcar Willie whoooooo

And that’s when that train whistle woke me up
Repeat #1
[F]Boy when that train whistle went [G7]off

I jumped outta bed I was running around the room
I [C]stubbed my toe on the floor and had a big [G7]G chord on the pillow
[C]Why can’t I have some nic[F]e dreams about movi[G7]e stars
Pretty [C]girls[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song Country Music Nightmare?
– The song Country Music Nightmare was sang by Boxcar Willie.


Who is Boxcar Willie?
– No information

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