Gypsy Lady And The Hobo Song Lyrics and Chords


Gypsy Lady And The Hobo Song Lyrics and Chords by Boxcar Willie


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]Gypsy Lady And The Hobo
Recorded by Boxcar Willie
Written Llone S. Martin
[G]Well the gypsy was a lady [C]traveled all over this [G]land
The [C]gypsy always [G]traveled alone she never needed a [D7]man
And the [G]hobo was a drifter [C]drifted from town to town
The last thing that the [G]hobo needed was a [D7]woman to tie him [G]down
[D7]One night they met in a [G]hobo jungle [C]oh the sparks they [G]flew
They fought just like two cats and dogs
A settin’ there eatin’ their [D7]stew
But the [G]hobo’s heart was a-melting and the [C]gypsy’s was on fire
And that night in a [G]hobo jungle they [D7]were lost in wild [G]desire
Now the gypsy and the hobo [C]traveled all over this [G]land
[C]Border to border and [G]shore to shore they traveled hand in [D7]hand
So [G]watch the rails and highways [C]wherever you may go
You may see the [G]gypsy lady and [D7]the wandering [G]hobo
Repeat #2
[C]Yeah the gypsy lady and the [G]wandering hobo [D7]were lost in wild [G]desire[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song Gypsy Lady And The Hobo?
– The song Gypsy Lady And The Hobo was sang by Boxcar Willie.


Who is Boxcar Willie?
– No information

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