Timothy The Tow Truck Song Lyrics and Chords


Timothy The Tow Truck Song Lyrics and Chords by Boxcar Willie


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]Timothy The Tow Truck
Written and recorded by Boxcar Willie
[G]Was a foggy foggy Christmas Eve a long time [D7]ago
Santa and his reindeer got stuck in mud and [G]snow
The reindeer could not move the sleigh [G7]it was really [C]stuck
But who saved our [G]Christmas [D7]Timothy The [G]Tow Truck
The sleigh was loaded down with toys for all the girls and [D7]boys
And Rudolph’s nose was shinning bright but there was no [G]joy
Well the little sleigh was buried deep [G7]in the snow and [C]muck
But who saved our [G]Christmas [D7]Timothy The [G]Tow Truck
Well the [C]little truck he tugged and tugged and [G]pulled with all his might
[A7]Soon the sleigh was on its way [D7]on that Christmas night
Now [G]Rudolph’s nose was shinning bright the reindeer tapped their [D7]paws
The little elves they danced around with old Santa [G]Clause
Around the trolley trucked around [G7]sure was good [C]luck
Now who saved our [G]Christmas [D7]Timothy The [G]Tow Truck
Repeat #3
[C]Who saved our [G]Christmas [D7]Timothy The [G]Tow Truck
[C]Yeah who saved our [G]Christmas [D7]Timothy The [G]fire Truck[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song Timothy The Tow Truck?
– The song Timothy The Tow Truck was sang by Boxcar Willie.


Who is Boxcar Willie?
– No information

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