Lucy Needs A Friend Song Lyrics and Chords

Cal Smith


Lucy Needs A Friend Song Lyrics and Chords by Cal Smith


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]Lucy Needs A Friend
Recorded by Cal Smith
Written by Ray Pennington
[G]She comes in here each evening
[C]And she stays till closing [G]time

Some think she’s looking for a man
I believe she’s looking for her [D7]mind
She’s [C]always alone
Never has too much to [G]say at all
She just [D7]sits and drinks that whiskey
Stares into the mirror on the [G]wall

But Lucy needs a [C]friend
Just someone she can [G]talk to
I don’t believe she needs a [D7]lover
For she lost that with her youth along the [G]way
Yes Lucy needs a [C]friend
Someone to share her [G]lonely days
And her story has no [D7]end
Lucy needs a [G]friend

Once her hair was long and shiny
[C]And her body full of [G]curves

She lived in a big house with a man
Who didn’t love no one but [D7]her

Her [C]beauty tempted many men
Till a stranger won her heart and turned her [G]head
And her [D7]husband swore he’d kill them both
But her turned the gun and took his life [G]instead
Repeat #3,4[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song Lucy Needs A Friend?
– The song Lucy Needs A Friend was sang by Cal Smith.


Who is Cal Smith?
– Calvin Grant Shofner (April 7, 1932 – October 10, 2013), known professionally as Cal Smith, was an American country musician, most famous for his 1974 hits “Country Bumpkin” and “It’s Time to Pay the Fiddler”.

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