There’s No More Love Song Lyrics and Chords


There’s No More Love Song Lyrics and Chords by Carl Smith


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]There’s No More Love
Recorded by Carl Smith
Written by Country Johnny Mathis
[G]Heart she’s left this town she’s turned you down
And there'[D7]s no more love
Gone the lips so red that kept me fed
There'[G]s no more love
Tears no need to stall go on and fall
There'[D7]s no more love
Lonely that’s how I’ll be just wait and see
There'[G]s no more love
[C]Arms you’ll reach tonight to hold her tight
But you’ll know within that’s she’s gone again
And there'[G]s no more love
[C]Gone her tenderness my happiness I’l[D7]l find again
I can’t forget thereâ[G]€™s no more love
Eyes you watched her go and now you know
There'[D7]s no more love
Nothing that’s what you’ll find she left behind
There'[G]s no more love
Come back I guess she won’t and if she don’t
There'[D7]s no more love
Eyes it’s time to cry she’s gone bye-bye
There'[G]s no more love
Repeat #3[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song There’s No More Love?
– The song There’s No More Love was sang by Carl Smith.


Who is Carl Smith?
– No information

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