Broken Lady Song Lyrics and Chords

Gatlin Brothers


Broken Lady Song Lyrics and Chords by Gatlin Brothers


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]Broken Lady
Recorded by the Gatlin Brothers
Written by Larry Gatlin
[G]She’s a broken [C]lady [G]waiting to be [C]mended
Like a [G]potter would [C]mend a broken [G]vase
A broken [C]lady [G]waiting to be [C]mended
And have what’s [G]left of the [D7]pieces put back in [C]pla[G]ce

Her love was like a fortress around a man she would have died for
Taking [C]care to take care of all he [G]needed
But the [A7]lady’s fortress slowly turned into a prison
And the [D7]warning signs he [C]gave she never [D7]heeded
She [G]vowed every morning that what God joined together
No one [C]else in the world could pull [G]apart
Then the [A7]walls came tumbling to the ground
And her world came crashing down around her [D7]heart
Repeat #1[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song Broken Lady?
– The song Broken Lady was sang by Gatlin Brothers.


Who is Gatlin Brothers?
– Larry Wayne Gatlin (born May 2, 1948) is an American country and Southern gospel singer and songwriter. As part of a trio with his younger brothers Steve and Rudy, he achieved considerable success within the country music genre, performing on 33 top-40 singles (combining his solo recordings and those with his brothers). As their fame grew, the band became known as Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers.
Larry Gatlin is known for his tenor voice and for the country songs he wrote and recorded in the 1970s and 1980s. Some of Gatlin’s biggest hits include “Broken Lady”, “All the Gold in California”, “Houston (Means I’m One Day Closer to You)”, “She Used to Be Somebody’s Baby”, and “Night time magic”. During this time, country music trended heavily towards slick pop music arrangements in a style that came to be known as Countrypolitan. Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers came to prominence and enjoyed their greatest success during this period with hit singles that showcased the brothers’ rich gospel-inflected harmonies and Larry’s poetic lyrics.

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