One Too Many Times Song Lyrics and Chords

Gene Watson


One Too Many Times Song Lyrics and Chords by Gene Watson


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]One Too Many Times
Recorded by Gene Watson
Written by Tony Booth
[C]Sadness all that’s a teardrop [F]fall from your baby’s [G7]eyes
And [F]regret should be the [G7]feeling [F]cause it’s you that made her [C]cry
And shame is the [C7]price you pay for [F]being so un[D7]kind
And [C]loneliness is the [G7]just reward [F]for that one too many [C]times
For that [G7]one too many times may be your [C]last time ([F]last [C]time)
And your [F]last chance to show you’re [D7]really not that [G7]kind
You may [C]fool around and put her down just to [F]see what she will [D7]do
But [C]that just this once [G7]may be the one [F]too many times for [C]you
Too many [G7]times too much pride inside to [C]cry again ([F]cry a[C]gain)
And to [D7]satisfy your childish games [G7]you always have to win
And what [C]will you say was the cause when she'[F]s gone and she'[D7]s gone
You can [C]blame it on your [F]one too many [C]times
repeat #3 Oh too many…
You can blame it on your [F]one too many [C]times[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song One Too Many Times?
– The song One Too Many Times was sang by Gene Watson.


Who is Gene Watson?
– Gary Gene Watson (born October 11, 1943) is an American country music singer. He is most famous for his 1975 hit “Love in the Hot Afternoon,” his 1981 #1 hit “Fourteen Carat Mind,” and his signature 1979 song “Farewell Party.” Watson’s long career has included five number one hits, 21 top tens, and 48 charted singles.

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