Somewhere Beyond Somewhere Song Lyrics and Chords

Gene Watson


Somewhere Beyond Somewhere Song Lyrics and Chords by Gene Watson


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]Somewhere Beyond Somewhere
Recorded by Gene Watson
Written by Mel Holt
[C]As daylight was dawning I woke up this morning
Still feeling the pain from last [G7]night
And the dream of a woman with a beckoning body
Another dream that didn’t turn ou[C]t right
I’ve had many dreams and tried many schemes
That keeps dying [C7]as I’m trying t[F]o win
With no [G7]feel of belonging once more this morning
I woke up in nowhere [C]again
[F]Somewhere beyond nowhere there’s somewhere I wish I coul[C]d find
I keep combing the beaches searching the reaches of my [G7]mind
Is the [C]answer’s within me wish someon[C7]e would show me [F]a sign
And [G7]point me to somewhere so I could be nowhere [C]behind
Back alley’s are gloomy the city park’s roomy
I’ve tried to sleep ther[G7]e before
But the benches are hard and they don’t have the contours
And a body wakes up stiff and [C]sore
So I sleep where I can with the darkness at hand
Whispering the [C7]mysteries of [F]time
Is there [G7]hope in the future with someone who will care
And somewhere a place I can [C]find
Repeat #3
And [G7]point me to somewhere so I could be nowhere [C]behind[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song Somewhere Beyond Somewhere?
– The song Somewhere Beyond Somewhere was sang by Gene Watson.


Who is Gene Watson?
– Gary Gene Watson (born October 11, 1943) is an American country music singer. He is most famous for his 1975 hit “Love in the Hot Afternoon,” his 1981 #1 hit “Fourteen Carat Mind,” and his signature 1979 song “Farewell Party.” Watson’s long career has included five number one hits, 21 top tens, and 48 charted singles.

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