Give Us One More Chance Song Lyrics and Chords


Give Us One More Chance Song Lyrics and Chords by George Morgan


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]Give Us One More Chance
Recorded by George Morgan
Written by Mac Curtis
[C]Put away your suitcase
[F]Take the keys back for the second [C]try
[G7]I’ll unpack my shaving gear
And [F]put my shirts and [G7]socks back in the [C]drawer

We won’t worry anymore
[F]Which one takes our little girl or [C]boy
[G7]We’ll both wipe away their tears
And [F]make their little [G7]faces shine with [C]joy

Give us one more [F]chance
[G7]Honey we can work it [C]out
Try it one more [F]time
[G7]That’s what love is all [C]about

You don’t take the table
[F]I won’t take the chairs out of their [C]place
Let’s [G7]leave the family pictures hanging
[F]Where they are [G7]above the fire[C]place

We won’t waste a minute more
[F]Deciding on dividing proper[C]ty
[G7]It’s much more important
That we [F]save what’s left of [G7]love
For you and [C]me

Repeat #3

I know that I’ve hurt you bad
And [F]right now you don’t think our love can [C]live
[G7]I don’t ask you to forget
But [F]find it in your [G7]heart to just [C]forgive

If there’s any chance at all
[F]Before we break and go our separate [C]ways
We [G7]owe it to ourselves to
Try and [F]work it out to [G7]bring back happy [C]days

Repeat #3[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song Give Us One More Chance?
– The song Give Us One More Chance was sang by George Morgan.


Who is George Morgan?
– No information

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