I Left My Gal In The Mountains Song Lyrics and Chords

Hank Thompson


I Left My Gal In The Mountains Song Lyrics and Chords by Hank Thompson


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]I Left My Gal In The Mountains
Recorded by Hank Thompson
Written by Carson J. Robison
[C]I left my gal in the mountains I left her standing in the [G7]rain
[F]I went down to the [C]depot [D7]caught myself a midnight [G7]train
[C]Made my way down to Georgia landed in a gambling [G7]town
[F]Got myself in [C]trouble cause I [G7]shot a county sheriff [C]down
The jury read my verdict murder in the first [G7]degree
[F]The judge said take that [C]prisoner [D7]to the penitentia[G7]ry
[C]They put the handcuffs on me put me on the Pullman [G7]train
[F]Took me to [C]Atlanta [G7]tied me with a ball and [C]chain
I left my gal in the mountains I left her standing all [G7]alone
[F]Last night I dreamed I got a [C]letter saying [D7]baby won’t you please come [G7]home
[C]She told me that she loved me said that she loved me [G7]true
[F]Then I dreamed I wrote a [C]letter saying [G7]I’m a coming home to [C]you
Then I awoke up this morning laying in an Atlanta [G7]jail
[F]No one here to [C]love me [D7]no one to go my [G7]bail
[C]Prison bars all around me the guard walking by my [G7]door
[F]I’m so sad and [C]lonely cause [G7]I’ll never see my gal no [C]more
[G7]I’ll never see my gal no [C]more[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song I Left My Gal In The Mountains?
– The song I Left My Gal In The Mountains was sang by Hank Thompson.


Who is Hank Thompson?
– Henry William Thompson (September 3, 1925 – November 6, 2007) was an American country music singer-songwriter and musician whose career spanned seven decades.
Thompson’s musical style, characterized as honky-tonk Western swing, was a mixture of fiddles, electric guitar, and steel guitar that featured his distinctive, smooth baritone vocals.
His backing band, The Brazos Valley Boys, was voted the top Country Western Band for 14 years in a row by Billboard. Thompson pursued a “light” version of the Western swing sound that Bob Wills and others played the primary difference between his music and that of Bob Wills was that Thompson, who used the swing beat and instrumentation to enhance his vocals, discouraged the intense instrumental soloing from his musicians that Wills encouraged however, the “Hank Thompson sound” exceeded Bob Wills in top-40 country hits.
Although not as prominent on the top country charts in later decades, Thompson remained a recording artist and concert draw well into his 80s.
The 2013 game Grand Theft Auto V featured his song “It Don’t Hurt Anymore” in the fictional radio show, Rebel Radio.
The 1987 novel Crazy Heart by Thomas Cobb was inspired by Thompson’s life, specifically by his practice of picking up a local band to back him when he toured. In 2009, Cobb’s novel was turned into a successful film directed by Scott Cooper and starring Jeff Bridges in an Academy Award-winning performance.

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