They Call the Wind Mariah Song Lyrics and Chords

Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius


They Call the Wind Mariah Song Lyrics and Chords by Jim Ed Brown


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]They Call The Wind Mariah
Recorded by Jim Ed Brown
Written by Alan J. Lerner and Frederick Loewe
[C]Way out west they [Am]have a name for [C]rain and wind and [Am]fire
The [C]rain is Tess the [Am]fire’s Joe and they [F]call the [G7]wind [C]Mariah
Mariah blows the [Am]stars around and [C]sets the clouds a-[Am]flying
Ma[C]riah makes the mou[Am]ntains sound like [F]folks [G7]up there were [C]dying
[Am]Mariah [Em]Mariah
They [F]call the [G7]wind M[C]ariah
Before I knew [Am]Mariah’s name or [C]heard her wail and [Am]whining
I [C]had a gal and she [Am]had me and the [F]sun was [G7]always [C]shining
And then one [Am]day I left that gal [C]I left her far behind [Am]me
And [C]now I’m lost I’m so [Am]darn lost not [F]even [G7]God can find [C]me
[Am]Mariah M[Em]ariah
They [F]call the [G7]wind M[C]ariah
Out here they’v[Am]e got a name fo[C]r rain wind an[Am]d fire only
And [C]when you’re lost [Am]and all alone there [F]ain’t no [G7]word for [C]lonely
Well I’m a lost [Am]and lonely man [C]without a star to [Am]guide me
Ma[C]riah blow my [Am]love to me I [F]need a [G7]her beside [C]me
[Am]Mariah [Em]Mariah
They [F]call the [G7]wind M[C]ariah[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song They Call the Wind Mariah?
– The song They Call the Wind Mariah was sang by Jim Ed Brown.


Who is Jim Ed Brown?
– James Edward Brown (April 1, 1934 – June 11, 2015) was an American country singer-songwriter who achieved fame in the 1950s with his two sisters as a member of the Browns. He later had a successful solo career from 1965 to 1974, followed by a string of major duet hits with fellow country music vocalist Helen Cornelius, through 1981. Brown was also the host of the Country Music Greats Radio Show, a syndicated country music program from Nashville, Tennessee.

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