It Ain’t Easy Being Me Song Lyrics and Chords


It Ain’t Easy Being Me Song Lyrics and Chords by John Anderson


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]It Ain’t Easy Being Me
Recorded by John Anderson
Written by Chris Knight and Craig Wiseman
[G]There oughta be a town somewhere [Em]named [D7]for how I [C]feel
[G]Yeah I could be the mayor down there and say [Em]welcome to [D7]Sorry[C]ville
[G]Wouldn’t be on the map nowhere yo[Em]u might say i[D7]t don'[C]t exist
[A7]But if you make enough wrong turns it [C]wouldn’t be hard t[D7]o miss
[G]There outa be a bridge somewhere they could [Em]dedi[D7]cate to [C]me
[G]I’d probably show up at the ceremony with a [Em]can of [D7]gaso[C]line
[G]And walk over to the other side [Em]there I’d [D7]light a[C] match
[A7]Sit and stare through the smoke and flames
[C]Wonderin’ how I’m gonna ge[D7]t back
[C]Why I do the [G]things I do
Was I [Am]born this way or am I a [G]self made fool
I [C]shoot the lights and I [G]curse the dark
I [Am]need your love and I [G]break your heart
And I [C]know the words that will [G]bring you back
But I [Am]don’t say nothing as I [G]watch you pack
[C]I’ve had to work to be the [G]jerk I’ve come to [A7]be
[C]It ain’t [D7]easy being [G]me
There oughta be a side show act for [Em]freaks [D7]like [C]me
[G]I could be the star of the show with my [Em]name on [D7]the mar[C]quee
[G]In a room with a big red button with a sign that says [Em]danger [D7]do not [C]touch
Twice a [A7]day I’d mash it down and you ca[C]n watch me sel[D7]f destruct
Repeat #3,4[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song It Ain’t Easy Being Me?
– The song It Ain’t Easy Being Me was sang by John Anderson.


Who is John Anderson?
– No information

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