Another You Song Lyrics and Chords

Johnny Tillotson


Another You Song Lyrics and Chords by Johnny Tillotson


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]Another You
Recorded by Johnny Tillotson
Written by Johnny Tillotson and Lucille Cosenza
[G]I know there’ll never ever [D7]be another [G]you
Just when I thought that you were [D7]mine alone
[G]You told me there was someone [D7]new
Oh [G]it’s so hard to think of finding [C]someone else
I know there’ll [G]never ever [D7]be another [G]you
I can’t forget the moments [D7]that we shared
[G]And all the happiness we [D7]knew
[G]And as I sit alone dear with these [C]memories
I know there’ll [G]never ever [D7]be another [G]you
I know there’ll [C]never ever be [G]lips as sweet as yours
No there’ll [C]never ever be another [D7]you
[G]I know it’s hopeless to go [D7]on this way
[G]But what is there for me to [D7]do
[G]I’ve lost the only girl that I [C]have ever loved
I know there’ll [G]never ever [D7]be another
[G]Never ever [C]be another [G]never ever [D7]be another [G]you
Never ever [C]be another [G]never ever [D7]be another [G]you[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song Another You?
– The song Another You was sang by Johnny Tillotson.


Who is Johnny Tillotson?
– Johnny Tillotson (born April 20, 1938 in Jacksonville, Florida, United States) is an American singer-songwriter. He enjoyed his greatest success in the early 1960s, when he scored nine top-ten hits on the pop, country, and adult contemporary Billboard charts, including “Poetry in Motion” and the self-penned “It Keeps Right On a-Hurtin'” and “Without You”.

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