Highway Patrol Song Lyrics and Chords

Junior Brown


Highway Patrol Song Lyrics and Chords by Junior Brown


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]Highway Patrol
Recorded by Junior Brown
Written by Red Simpson, Dennis Payne, Ray Rush
[G]I got a star on my car and one on my chest
A gun on my hips and the right to arrest
I’m the [C]guy who’s the boss on this highway
So [G]watch out what you’re doin’ when you’re drivin’ my way
If you [D7]break the law you’ll hear from me I know
I’m a [G]workin’ for the state I’m the [D7]Highway Pat[G]rol
Well you’ll know me when you see me cause my door’s painted white
My siren a-screamin’ and my flashin’ red lights
I [C]work all day and I work all night
Just a-[G]keepin’ law and order tryin’ to do what’s right
If I [D7]write you out a ticket then you’d better drive slow
I’m just a-[G]doin’ my job I’m the [D7]Highway Pat[G]rol
I’m the [C]Highway Patrol the Highway Patrol
My [G]hours are long and [D7]my pay is [G]low
But I’ll [C]do my best to keep you drivin’ slow
I’m just a-[G]doin’ my job I’m the [D7]Highway Pat[G]rol

If you’re drivin’ too fast like you shouldn’t do
You can bet your boots I’m comin’ after you
If you [C]wanna race then get on a race track
Cause [G]when you try to run away I’m gonna bring you back
I’m [D7]here to keep all the speeder’s drivin’ slow
I’m just a-[G]doin’ my job I’m the [D7]Highway Pat[G]rol
Repeat #2
I’m just a-[D7]doin’ my job I’m the Highway Pat[G]rol[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song Highway Patrol?
– The song Highway Patrol was sang by Junior Brown.


Who is Junior Brown?
– Jamieson “Junior” Brown (born June 12, 1952) is an American country guitarist and singer. He has released twelve studio albums in his career, and has charted twice on the Billboard country singles charts. Brown’s signature instrument is the “guit-steel” double neck guitar, a hybrid of electric guitar and lap steel guitar.

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