My House Is Your Honky Tonk Song Lyrics and Chords

Lefty Frizzell


My House Is Your Honky Tonk Song Lyrics and Chords by Lefty Frizzell


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]My House Is Your Honky Tonk
Recorded by Lefty Frizzell
Written by Sanger D. Shafer
[C]If you’re gonna slip around with my [D7]woman
[G7]Now why can’t you meet her down[C]town
You hold her close to my [D7]stereo
And leave your beer cans laying [G7]around
[C]You use my living room to dance away your blues
[F]I can tell by the big footprints [D7]on my woman’s shoes
I [C]don’t know who you are but you’ve got [A7]gall
[F]My house is [G7]your honky [C]tonk
[F]Everyday while I work my fingers to the bone
[C]You’re with my woman [D7]dancing drinking hugging kissing
And [G7]I don’t know what all in my home
[C]If someday I decide to get you with my gun
[F]It’ll be just because I’m [D7]missing all the fun
[C]You’re loving on my gal but that ain’t [A7]all
[F]My house is [G7]your honky [C]tonk
When I ask my woman [D7]about you
She [G7]grins and hums a honky tonk [C]tune
My imagination praises [D7]true
And pictures you about eight feet [G7]two
[C]I found bout fifty whiskey bottles in my trash
[F]I won’t mess with any man who [D7]drinks that much mash
And [C]you don’t even care if you get [A7]caught
[F]My house is [G7]your honky [C]tonk
[F]My house is [G7]your honky [C]tonk[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song My House Is Your Honky Tonk?
– The song My House Is Your Honky Tonk was sang by Lefty Frizzell.


Who is Lefty Frizzell?
– William Orville “Lefty” Frizzell (March 31, 1928 – July 19, 1975) was an American country music singer-songwriter and honky-tonk singer.He gained prominence in 1950 after two major hits, and throughout the decade was a very popular country performer.
Frizzell influenced a number of other country singers, including George Jones, Willie Nelson, Roy Orbison, The Everly Brothers, Keith Whitley, Merle Haggard, and John Fogerty. He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1982. After the death of Hank Williams in 1953, Frizzell released many songs that charted in the Top 10 of the Hot Country Songs charts. His success did not carry on into the 1960s, and after suffering from alcoholism, he died at age 47.
A vocalist who set the style of singing “the country way” for the generations that followed, Frizzell became one of the most successful and influential artists of country music throughout his career. He smoothed out the rough edges of a honky tonk song by sounding out syllables longer and singing longer. Because of this, his music became much more mainstream without losing its honky-tonk attitude and persona.

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