Texas Tea Song Lyrics and Chords


Texas Tea Song Lyrics and Chords by Leroy Van Dyke


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]Texas Tea
Recorded by Leroy Van Dyke
Written by Sacha Distel and Jack Reardon
[G]I was just a poor boy who lived on forty acres of bad [Am]land[D7]
I [C]remember how she laughed the [D7]day I asked Joanna for her [G]hand [D7]
She [G]called me a ploughboy and said she couldn’t love the likes of [Am]me [D7]
Back [C]then we didn’t know that I [D7]would soon discover Texas [G]Tea [D7]
I [G]told her I loved her and I would work my fingers to the [Am]bone [D7]
But [C]Joanna wanted wealth and [D7]servants and a mansion for a [G]home[D7]
And [G]I was heartbroken Joanna didn’t want me comin’ [Am]round [D7]
Back [C]then we didn’t know about the [D7]Texas Tea that bubbled neath my [G]ground [D7]
Where [G]once stood a cabin I live in a southern mansion [Am]now [D7]
And I [C]gaze at the oil wells that [D7]stand on the ground I used to [G]plow[D7]
Now [G]there’s someone comin’ I think it’s Joanna that I [Am]see [D7]
And [C]I haven’t seen her since [D7]back before I found my Texas [G]Tea [D7]
You’re [G]welcome Joanna it’s always good to see an old old [Am]friend [D7]
Yes [C]I still remember I [D7]loved you and I begged you for your [G]hand[D7]
But [G]I’m just a ploughboy and you couldn’t love the likes of [Am]me [D7]
So [C]goodbye Joanna I’ve [D7]got to see about my Texas [G]Tea [D7]

[C]Goodbye Joanna I’ve [D7]got to see about my Texas [G]Tea[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song Texas Tea?
– The song Texas Tea was sang by Leroy Van Dyke.


Who is Leroy Van Dyke?
– Leroy Frank Van Dyke (born October 4, 1929) is an American country music singer and guitarist, best known for his hits “The Auctioneer” (1956) and “Walk on By” (1961).

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