Unfaithful Fools Song Lyrics and Chords


Unfaithful Fools Song Lyrics and Chords by Leroy Van Dyke


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]Unfaithful Fools
Recorded by Leroy Van Dyke
Written by Bobby Fischer
[G]I guess we feel the [D7]same about each [G]other
[D7]We agree that all the feelings [G]gone
For too [C]long we’ve [D7]put on one [G]another
When we [C]got no reason to keep hanging [D7]on

[G]Everybody [D7]sees us out [G]together
They all think that we’re a perfect [C]pair
They say we’ve got a lot of things in [G]common
But they [C]don’t know the [D7]common things we [G]share

Like cheatin’ [D7]lyin’ [G]hurtin’ and [C]cryin’
We’ve done it [G]all broke every [D7]rule
Our love is [C]gone gone gone
Unfaithful [G]fools

Girl we never [D7]really got to[G]gether
I guess we just [D7]pretended to be [G]close
[C]Long ago we [D7]strayed from one [G]another
[C]Why we stayed together I don’t [D7]know

[G]People node at [D7]us with their [G]approval
They don’t know our love is just [C]pretend
Yes the feeling’s mutual between [G]us
And [C]that’s the reason [D7]for the shape we’re [G]in

Repeat #3[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song Unfaithful Fools?
– The song Unfaithful Fools was sang by Leroy Van Dyke.


Who is Leroy Van Dyke?
– Leroy Frank Van Dyke (born October 4, 1929) is an American country music singer and guitarist, best known for his hits “The Auctioneer” (1956) and “Walk on By” (1961).

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