Bad Bad Leroy Brown Song Lyrics and Chords

Mel Street


Bad Bad Leroy Brown Song Lyrics and Chords by Mel Street


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]Bad Bad Leroy Brown
Recorded by Mel Street
Written by Jim Croce
[G]Along the south side of Chicago is the [A7]baddest part of town
And if you [B7]go down there you [C]better beware of a [D7]cat man named Leroy [G]Brown
Now Leroy he means trouble he [A7]stands bout six foot four
All the [B7]downtown ladies call him [C]Treetop Lover and the [D7]gentlemen call him [G]sir
He’s bad bad Leroy Brown the [A7]baddest man the whole darn town
[B7]Badder than old King [C]Kong and [D7]meaner than a junkyard [G]dog
Now Leroy he’s a gamblin’ man he [A7]likes his flashy clothes
He [B7]likes to wave that [C]big diamond ring in [D7]front of everybody’s [G]nose
He’s got a custom Continental and a[A7]n Eldorado too
You’ll find [B7]a 32 gun in hi[C]s pocket son he got [D7]a razor in hi[G]s shoe
Repeat #2
Well Friday bout a week ago [A7]Leroy was shootin’ dice
And at the [B7]edge of the bar sat a [C]gal named Betty
[D7]And ooh that girl looked [G]nice
Well he cast his eyes upon her and the [A7]trouble soon began
Ol’ [B7]Leroy learned a [C]lot about foolin’ with the [D7]wife of a jealous [G]man
Repeat #2
Well the two men took to fightin’ and when they [A7]pulled them from the floor
[B7]Leroy looked like a [C]jigsaw puzzle with a [D7]couple of pieces [G]gone
Repeat #2 x2[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song Bad Bad Leroy Brown?
– The song Bad Bad Leroy Brown was sang by Mel Street.


Who is Mel Street?
– King Malachi “Mel” Street (October 21, 1933 – October 21, 1978) was an American country music singer who had 13 top-20 hits on the Billboard country charts.

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