Except The Lord Song Lyrics and Chords


Except The Lord Song Lyrics and Chords by Red Sovine


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]Except The Lord
Recorded by Red Sovine
Written by Mildred A. Burk, Ross Burk, Red Sovine
[G]Except the Lord build the house except the [C]Lord build the house
They [G]labor they [E7]labor in [A7]vain [D7]
Except the [G]Lord keep the city except the [C]Lord keep the city
The [G]watchman [D7]wake up but in [G]vain
Thy labor is lost though you [C]gain the whole world
If you [G]seek only [E7]worldly [A7]rewards [D7]
Though you [G]have but a penance you’r[C]e rich as a king
If thy [G]labor has [D7]been for the [G]Lord
Repeat #1
No thoughts will corrupt no [C]beast can break in
If your [G]wealth is [E7]peace in your [A7]soul [D7]
Oh [G]be not afraid though the [C]storms beat your house
Thy [G]building will [D7]stand firm and [G]hold
Repeat #1
The watchman [D7]wake up but in [C]vai[G]n[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song Except The Lord?
– The song Except The Lord was sang by Red Sovine.


Who is Red Sovine?
– Woodrow Wilson “Red” Sovine (July 7, 1917 – April 4, 1980) was an American country music singer and songwriter associated with truck driving songs, particularly those recited as narratives but set to music. His most noted examples are “Giddyup Go” (1965) and “Teddy Bear” (1976), both of which topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

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