Rose Of Love Song Lyrics and Chords


Rose Of Love Song Lyrics and Chords by Red Sovine


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]Rose Of Love
Recorded by Red Sovine
Written by Jack Rhodes and John Fitzmorris
[G]There’s a rose vine clinging [D7]tightly by my [G]window
I placed it there [D7]when first our love was [G]new
And [C]as our love [G]began to grow the [D7]rose vine flourished [G]too
The [C]symbol of a [G]love so [D7]sweet and [G]true
[D7]Then one day you promised we’d be [G]married
[D7]A big red rose appeared upon the [G]vine
The [C]splendor and the [G]glory of our [D7]love began to [G]shine
The [C]rose vine seemed to [G]know you’d [D7]soon be [G]mine
Then came the [D7]day the rose began to [G]wither
It seemed to know [D7]before one word was [G]said
You’d [C]lose your love for [G]me and marry [D7]someone else [G]instead
The [C]rose fell off the [G]rose vine [D7]soon was [G]dead
Oh [D7]withered rose vine clinging there so [G]lonely
[D7]So like a memory that don’t want to [G]die
I [C]feel your thorns deep in [G]my heart with [D7]pain so hard to [G]hide
Oh [C]rose of love oh [G]rose of [D7]love [G]goodbye[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song Rose Of Love?
– The song Rose Of Love was sang by Red Sovine.


Who is Red Sovine?
– Woodrow Wilson “Red” Sovine (July 7, 1917 – April 4, 1980) was an American country music singer and songwriter associated with truck driving songs, particularly those recited as narratives but set to music. His most noted examples are “Giddyup Go” (1965) and “Teddy Bear” (1976), both of which topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

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