Whiskey Flavored Kisses Song Lyrics and Chords


Whiskey Flavored Kisses Song Lyrics and Chords by Red Sovine


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]Whiskey Flavored Kisses
Recorded by Red Sovine
Written by Jim Single
[G]Whiskey flavored kisses [C]on my lips tonight
[D7]Don’t know if I’m deep in love or just a little [G]tight
Well I been gettin’ dizzy and [C]my head feels so light
[D7]Whiskey flavored kisses on my lips [G]tonight
I just dropped on by to say [C]hello to all my friends
[D7]Never even dreamed that this was how the night would [G]end
I don’t even know her name I [C]didn’t’ tell her mine
[D7]All she does is dance and drink and kiss me all the [G]time
Repeat #1
Haven’t had the chance to think if [C]this is right or wrong
[D7]I just order her up the drinks and follow her [G]along
When I say I love her she just [C]laughs and says that’s fine
Put a [D7]quarter in the jukebox and kiss me one more [G]time
Repeat #1[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song Whiskey Flavored Kisses?
– The song Whiskey Flavored Kisses was sang by Red Sovine.


Who is Red Sovine?
– Woodrow Wilson “Red” Sovine (July 7, 1917 – April 4, 1980) was an American country music singer and songwriter associated with truck driving songs, particularly those recited as narratives but set to music. His most noted examples are “Giddyup Go” (1965) and “Teddy Bear” (1976), both of which topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

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