Have You Someone In Heaven Waiting Song Lyrics and Chords

Ricky Skaggs


Have You Someone In Heaven Waiting Song Lyrics and Chords by Ricky Skaggs


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]Have You Someone In Heaven Waiting
Recorded by Ricky Skaggs and Tony Rice
Written by Carter Stanley
[C]Have you someone [F]in heaven [C]awaiting
Expecting you on that beautiful [G7]shore
Be ready to [C]join that great [F]band of [C]angels
When they welcome you in-[G7]to that heavenly [C]door
Come sinners take heed while [F]Jesus is [C]pleading
Please never be caught in the pathway of [G7]sin
For Jesus may [C]call you [F]home in the [C]morning
When the heaven’s gates open [G7]will you enter [C]in
Repeat #1
The Savior will hear the [F]prayer of the [C]sinner
No matter how dark no matter how [G7]late
He’ll welcome you [C]home to a [F]heavenly [C]mansion
Take a straight narrow way [G7]to that heavenly [C]gate
Repeat #1[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song Have You Someone In Heaven Waiting?
– The song Have You Someone In Heaven Waiting was sang by Ricky Skaggs.


Who is Ricky Skaggs?
– Rickie Lee Skaggs (born July 18, 1954), known professionally as Ricky Skaggs, is an American neotraditional country and bluegrass singer, musician, producer, and composer. He primarily plays mandolin however, he also plays fiddle, guitar, mandocaster, and banjo.Skaggs was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in 2016 and the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2018. On January 13, 2021, it was reported that Skaggs had been awarded the National Medal of Arts by President Donald Trump, alongside fellow country musician Toby Keith.

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