Don’t Wait On Me Song Lyrics and Chords


Don’t Wait On Me Song Lyrics and Chords by Statler Brothers


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]Don’t Wait On Me
Recorded by The Statler Brothers
Written by Don Reid and Harold Reid

[G]When the sun wakes up in the [D7]west and lays its [C]head down in the [G]east
When they ordain Made[Em]line O’Hare [A7]and she becomes a [D7]priest
When a [G]San Diego [D7]sailor [C]comes home with no ta[G]ttoo
When the [C]lights go on at [G]Wrigley [E7]Field I’ll [A7]be coming [D7]home to [G]you
But don’t wait on [C]me (little darling) Lord can’t you [G]see (little darling)
I only [C]go (so far then) no guaran[D7]tee
Don’t wait on [C]me (to win you) that’s something [G]I (just can’t do)
Never have and [C]don’t (intend to) [D7]don’t wait on [G]me
When the wind don’t blow in [D7]Chicago and [C]LA is cold and [G]clear
When they unfurl Old [Em]Glory and [A7]no one stands to [D7]cheer
When my [G]brother-in-law [D7]phones me and the [C]charges aren’t [G]reversed
When the [C]cabbie don’t want a [G]bigger [E7]tip I’ll [A7]be slidin’ [D7]home from [G]first
Repeat #2
When you load up on a [D7]long shot and you [C]win by half a [G]nose
When the 4th of July pa[Em]rade is [A7]called because it [D7]snows
When the [G]waiting room is [D7]empty and the [C]doc says come right [G]in
When [C]Christmas comes [G]before [E7]New Years [A7]I’ll be comin’ [D7]home [G]again
Repeat #2
[D7]Don’t wait on [G]me [D7]don’t wait on [G]me [D7]don’t wait on [G]me [D7]don’t wait on [G]me[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song Don’t Wait On Me?
– The song Don’t Wait On Me was sang by Statler Brothers.


Who is Statler Brothers?
– No information

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