Be Good To My Little Baby Girl Song Lyrics and Chords

The Bluegrass Cardinals


Be Good To My Little Baby Girl Song Lyrics and Chords by The Bluegrass Cardinals


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]Be Good To My Little Baby Girl
Recorded by The Bluegrass Cardinals
Written by Randall Hylton
[G]Be good to my [D7]little baby [G]girl
She'[C]s all I got left in this ol[G]d world
She'[D7]s warm and she’s sweet
Lord she [C]means the world to me
Be [G]good to my [D7]little baby [G]girl
Her eyes light [B7]up when I [C]mention your name
[A7]Lately she smiles all the [D7]time
She [G]needs someone [B7]strong who [C]won’t do her wrong
I'[A7]m hoping that you’ll be [D7]the kind
Repeat #1

I can see her as a [B7]child sittin€[C]™ on her mama’s knee
Some[A7]times I think I failed her back [D7]then
Cause I was [G]runnin€[B7]™ wild I wa[C]s always runnin’ round
I [A7]never was the dad I should have [D7]been
Repeat #1

She told you of her [B7]past of the ones [C]that done her wrong
You [A7]know her heart’s been broken i[D7]n two
She [G]deserves some [B7]happiness and she [C]thinks you’re the best
I [A7]believe her so I’m counting o[D7]n you
Repeat #1[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song Be Good To My Little Baby Girl?
– The song Be Good To My Little Baby Girl was sang by The Bluegrass Cardinals.


Who is The Bluegrass Cardinals?
– The Bluegrass Cardinals were a Bluegrass band from Los Angeles, California. The group is credited with being the first bluegrass band to record bluegrass gospel in a cappella. Founded in 1974, the Bluegrass Cardinals disbanded in 1997 when founding member Don Parmley announced his retirement from music.

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