Sail Away Song Lyrics and Chords

The Oak Ridge Boys


Sail Away Song Lyrics and Chords by The Oak Ridge Boys


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]Sail Away
Recorded by the Oak Ridge Boys
Written by Rafe Van Hoy
[C]Across the bay a lady waits to [G7]hold me tight
And my [C]boat and I are ready to set [G7]sail
If the [C]weather keeps on holding and the [G7]wind is right
I’ll be [C]wrapped up in my sweet one’s arms [G7]tonight

And we will [C]sail away on the wings of [G7]love into the night
[C]Cast out our fortunes on the [G7]sea
Then we will [C]go to sleep together with the [G7]rocking of the water
And [C]dream of how our life will someday [G7]be when she sails away with [C]me
As I skip across the waves my sails are [G7]high and full
My [C]mind is on the one I wait to [G7]see
And I [C]dream about an island somewhere [G7]in my mind
Where [C]someday I will take her off [G7]with me

Repeat #2
Then a smile comes upon me as I [G7]look across the bow
[C]I see a lady on the [G7]side
But [C]she will wait no more as I [G7]head for the shore
Cause [C]tonight I’m gonna take her for [G7]a ride
Repeat #2[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song Sail Away?
– The song Sail Away was sang by The Oak Ridge Boys.


Who is The Oak Ridge Boys?
– The Oak Ridge Boys is an American country and gospel vocal quartet. The group was founded in the 1940s as the Oak Ridge Quartet. They became popular in southern gospel during the 1950s. Their name was changed to the Oak Ridge Boys in the early 1960s, and they remained a gospel group until the mid-1970s, when they changed their image and concentrated on country music.The lineup which produced their most well-known country and crossover hits (such as “Elvira” (1981), “Bobbie Sue” (1982), and “American Made” (1983) consists of Duane Allen (lead), Joe Bonsall (tenor), William Lee Golden (baritone), and Richard Sterban (bass). Golden and Allen joined the group in the mid-1960s, and Sterban and Bonsall joined in the early 1970s. Aside from an eight-year gap (1987-95) when Golden left the group and was replaced, this lineup has been together since 1973 and continues to tour and record.

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