One Less Day To Go Song Lyrics and Chords


One Less Day To Go Song Lyrics and Chords by The Statler Brothers


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]One Less Day To Go
Recorded by The Statler Brothers
Written by Don Reid and Harold Reid
[C]I’ve enjoyed being here with you
We sure had a high old [G7]time
But there'[C]s something better coming
I can'[G7]t get it off m[C]y mind
I’ve got one more day behind me
How many are left I don'[G7]t know
But I'[C]m getting closer to [Am]Jesus
I’v[C]e got on[G7]e less day t[C]o go
I’ll be sorry when I leave here
But it won’t be for [G7]a while
I [C]won’t be back but honey you’ll be coming
I’ll love yo[G7]u again heave[C]n style
Repeat #2 x4
[G7]Yes I’m gettin[C]g closer to [Am]Jesus
I’v[C]e got on[G7]e less day t[C]o go
I’ve got on[G7]e less day t[C]o go[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song One Less Day To Go?
– The song One Less Day To Go was sang by The Statler Brothers.


Who is The Statler Brothers?
– The Statler Brothers (sometimes simply referred to as The Statlers) were an American country music, gospel, and vocal group. The quartet was formed in 1955 performing locally and, from 1964 to 1972, they sang as opening act and backup singers for Johnny Cash.Originally performing gospel music at local churches, the group billed themselves as The Four Star Quartet, and later The Kingsmen. In 1963, when the song “Louie, Louie” by the garage rock band also called The Kingsmen became famous, the group elected to bill themselves as The Statler Brothers. Despite the name, only two members of the group (Don and Harold Reid) were actual brothers and no member has the surname of Statler. The group actually named themselves after a brand of facial tissue they had noticed in a hotel room (they later quipped that they could just as easily have named themselves “the Kleenex Brothers”). Don Reid sang lead Harold Reid, Don’s older brother, sang bass Phil Balsley sang baritone and Lew DeWitt sang tenor and was the guitarist of the Statlers before being replaced by Jimmy Fortune in 1983 due to DeWitt’s ill health.The band’s style was closely linked to their gospel roots. “We took gospel harmonies,” said Harold Reid, “and put them over in country music.” A majority of their records contain one gospel song at a minimum, and they produced several albums containing only gospel music. They also recorded a tribute song to The Blackwood Brothers, who influenced their music. The song “We Got Paid by Cash” was written by the Statler Brothers as a tribute to Johnny Cash, who discovered and mentored them.

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