Happy Tracks Song Lyrics and Chords


Happy Tracks Song Lyrics and Chords by Wilburn Brothers


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]Happy Tracks
Recorded by The Wilburn Brothers
Written by Ray Pennington
[C]I know that you’ve heard people say many many times
You [F]don’t pass through this world but once
You’ll get yours and I’ll get [G7]mine
[C]But I’ve got a philosophy I believe I’d rather go [F]by
[C]And if you’ll just [F]listen you may [G7]want to give it a [C]try
Leave a lotta happy tracks as you go down life’s road
[F]Leave a lotta happy tracks everywhere you [G7]go
[C]Leave a lotta happy tracks and keep this in [F]mind
[C]Others will have to [F]follow in the [C]path you [G7]leave be[C]hind
As you walk the tangle streets of life notice your fellow man
And [F]when he gets in trouble lend him a helping [G7]hand
[C]Sow good seeds in your fields of life as you go [F]along
Let [C]others reap your [F]happiness a [C]long time [G7]after you’re [C]gone
Repeat #2
Don’t ever use a good friend for a personal gain
To [F]gain wealth and lose one friend would only be in [G7]vain
Let your [C]happy tracks be many leave ’em everywhere you [F]go
[C]Others will have to [F]harvest each and [C]every [G7]seed you [C]sow
Repeat #2[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song Happy Tracks?
– The song Happy Tracks was sang by Wilburn Brothers.


Who is Wilburn Brothers?
– No information

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