I Don’t Feel Like Singing Tonight Song Lyrics and Chords


I Don’t Feel Like Singing Tonight Song Lyrics and Chords by Wynn Stewart


[chordpress float=”none” format=”yes” hbnotation=”no” interactive=”no” transpose=”0″]I Don’t Feel Like Singing Tonight
Recorded by Wynn Stewart
[C]I don’t feel lik[G7]e singing [C]tonight
My world ain’t bee[G7]n turning jus[C]t right
Though the [F]band is playing just [C]right
I [G7]don’t feel like singing [C]tonight
Cause I wrote all those [G7]love songs for [C]you
And I just wrote the [G7]one where we’r[C]e through
And a[F]nother is holding you [C]tight
And I [G7]don’t feel like singing [C]tonight
If I [F]was a great actor then [C]I could just smile
[G7]And sing all those love songs [C]that I’ve sung fo[C7]r years
But [F]I just can’t fake it an[C]d I just can’t make it
[D7]I’m already fighting bac[G7]k tears
And I don’t feel lik[G7]e singing [C]tonight
But they’re here for [G7]a show and theyâ€[C]™re r[C7]ight
[F]Lord it’s been such [E7]a plight t[F]o get in tha[C]t spotlight
And [G7]now I don’t feel like singing
[C]I don’t feel lik[C7]e singing [F]I don’t feel l[G7]ike sing[F]ing to[C]night[/chordpress]




Who sang the the song I Don’t Feel Like Singing Tonight?
– The song I Don’t Feel Like Singing Tonight was sang by Wynn Stewart.


Who is Wynn Stewart?
– Winford Lindsey Stewart (June 7, 1934 – July 17, 1985), better known as Wynn Stewart, was an American country music performer. He was one of the progenitors of the Bakersfield sound. Although not a huge chart success, he was an inspiration to such greats as Buck Owens, Merle Haggard and Nick Lowe.

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